Retreat Scholarship Program

A Shared Responsibility

The funding of an ACTS retreat is a shared responsibility between the parish, the team and the retreatants.

In cases where there is a financial need, the goal of our scholarship assistance program is to provide for the following: 

  • Mission retreat teams (taking ACTS to a new parish) funds are limited and will not exceed $500 US dollars. 
  • Individual Religious Scholarship (Religious who would like to attend an ACTS Retreat as a Retreatant: Priests, Deacons, Nuns, Brothers, and Seminarians)
  • Individual Partial Scholarship (for up to five individuals per ACTS Retreat) but must not exceed $250 US dollars. 

Scholarship Request Forms


Retreat Directors and Mission Directors may apply for financial assistance by completing the appropriate Application Form. Information submitted, along with the scholarship request, will not be shared outside of ACTS Missions.

Submissions must be made 4 to 6 weeks prior to retreat date. 

Mission Retreat Scholarship

For taking ACTS to a new parish

Individual Partial Scholarship

For individuals who desire to attend an ACTS retreat.

Individual Religious Scholarship

For the religious who would like to attend an ACTS Retreat.