Individual Partial Scholarship

Application Form

Individual Partial Scholarship

This Scholarship form is to be completed by the Retreat Director for Parishioners of hosting Parish. 

If the form is not completed, it will delay the approval process.

Once approved, ACTS Missions will provide a portion of the Retreat Fee. It is our policy that the retreatant pay some portion of their fee.

You may enter up to 5 retreatants on this form.

 Retreatant must be Parishioner of hosting parish.

Amount of request must not exceed $250, as funds are limited.

Additional Requirements include:

1. Retreat Registration: The parish retreat must be registered on ACTS Missions’ website.

2. ACTS Retreat Training: Has the Director and Co-director(s) of the team attended an ACTS Retreat Training within the past three years?
If not, the Retreat Director and Co-Director(s) must complete the ACTS Retreat Training Course.