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We all have a story. Many of us are never the same after the transformational touch of the Holy Spirit on our ACTS weekend. Help us share this experience with those who have not had the opportunity.

Your Support

Help us by giving back what was given to you. ACTS Missions is a movement in the Church that evangelizes through the ACTS Retreat wherever we are called.

ACTS Missions shares the copyright for the retreat with the Archdiocese of San Antonio. ACTS Missions has developed the educational materials and workshops to maintain the authenticity and integrity of the ACTS retreat process.


For Your Consideration

Please prayerfully consider making a donation as you are able to support the ministry of ACTS. Your generous gift helps ACTS Missions:

Evangelize through Missioning:

We are currently in 569 parishes worldwide; 6 countries, including the U.S.: Mexico, Panama, Honduras, South Africa, and Canada, representing 28 international dioceses; 27 U.S. states, representing 74 dioceses; all diocese in Texas and Louisiana; and 96 parishes in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. But not everyone has the ACTS Retreat in their home parish. Your donation allows us to mission to new parishes around the world.

Share Scholarships:

Helping parishes in Missioning process, priests attend retreats, and parishes who seek financial support when finances become a stumbling block.

Foster Community:

With ACTS experiencing such phenomenal growth, it is critical to continue expanding our online tools to support our global community. Online workshops, website, chapter pages, bulletin boards, director toolbox, localized email newsletters and additional spiritual development courses are just a few of the projects we have in development.

Join The Mission

Your donation to ACTS Missions supports this ministry and allows us to take ACTS retreats to the rest of the world.


Please mail your check to:
ACTS Missions
7711 Madonna Drive
San Antonio, TX 78216

Call Kathryn @ 210-342-1077 x129