Our Patron

When we at ACTS Missions reflect back on our narrative, we are always happy to mention that the first ACTS Retreat was in 1987, the same year that St. John Paul II visited San Antonio. We see this not so much as coincidence, but as a God-incidence. The herald of the New Evangelization present in the same time and place that ACTS came into being. What better sign could we ask for of the Holy Spirit at work?

From Its Beginning

ACTS has participated in the Church’s New Evangelization by helping others experience God’s love, fostering discipleship, and building parish community. In this way, ACTS is answering the Holy Father’s call to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to “the new deserts of the world.”

Because of This Connection

ACTS Missions has asked for St. John Paul II to be our patron Saint and intercessor. His presence is a reminder to us of our mission and we ask for his intercession as we continue the work of building up the Kingdom of God “one soul at a time” through ACTS.

St. John Paul II, Pray For Us!