Vision, Values and Mission

ACTS Missions spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ among Catholic Communities by promulgating ACTS


why we exist:

The ACTS Apostolate partners with Catholic parishes in building vibrant, active communities through ACTS Retreats and provides ongoing parish support.


how we will act:

Our values will guide ACTS Missions actions, unite our stakeholders, and define our brand.

  • Adoration: Responding through prayer and worship to receiving God’s gifts of grace, mercy and love.

  • Community: Living and participating in the One Body of Christ as Church, beginning with the parish.

  • Theology: Deepening our relationship with God through prayerful study to better understand and fulfill His will for our lives.

  • Service: Answering the call to discipleship by following the model that Christ gave us.

what we do & who we serve:

The ACTS Apostolate enables Catholic parish communities to utilize ACTS Retreats as an evangelization tool that inspires intentional Christ-centered discipleship.