Deborah’s Desk – June 2020

June 30, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
     The world around us continues to offer challenges. Between the health crisis, racial tension, and political tension, it is easy to feel lost. But we must not lose faith. Just like we are bonded together by our love of Christ, we must remember that we are all Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We encounter Christ in every human being around us just like we did when we lived our own ACTS Retreat.
     The retreat experience is what ACTS Missions offers to the world. A chance to encounter Christ, to reconnect with Christ, and to rejoice in the love of Christ. Now more than ever, Christ is needed in our daily life. Many parishes are waiting for the retreat to return. The questions and calls come in daily. And while we wait for when we can have retreats again, we look for alternative ways to bring Christ to our life.


Why does ACTS Missions need funds?

Since 1997, we have been approved by the Archdiocese of San Antonio as the ecclesial authority regarding the ACTS Retreat. That means ACTSM is responsible for the integrity and fidelity of the retreat as it is used in parishes across the US and Mexico, and in Honduras, Panama, South Africa, & Canada.
How do we do that, ensure integrity & fidelity of the retreat?
  • We do it through the development and production of education materials like our Retreat Manuals, videos, Core Charter, workshop materials, etc.
  • We do it through offering workshops held locally/remotely, in our Chapters, and online.
  • And finally, we do it by supporting our Chapters and parish Cores when they need guidance, resources or have questions in offering the retreat in parishes.
  • We answer the call to bring ACTS to a new parish by assigning a mission team and supporting their efforts in working with the receiving parish; these also are delegated to Chapters when appropriate.
  • Part of this support is offering scholarships to mission teams (parish receives funds for initial budget & team receives funds for fees/travel), parish retreat teams who need retreatant financial assistance, and clergy/religious who want to attend as retreatants.
     Forty percent (40%) of our funding comes from donors like YOU through individual donations, fundraisers, and events like Agapefest and Gala. Twenty percent (20%) comes from education services and retreat tithing, and 40% comes from the ACTS Store.
     These general operating funds are used to support chapter management, to provide educational workshops both onsite and online for retreat, for development of manuals and other resources for retreats, provide scholarships, enhance information technology, and for operations of the store and the office.
     Without the funding sources described above, ACTS Missions, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, would not be able to continue its responsibility of ensuring integrity and fidelity of the retreat with parishes.
     This is why we need your help to keep the mission going. Join us in prayer, in celebration of ACTS Retreats for 33 years, and by keeping our mission in your hearts as we live as intentional disciples of Christ.
     Thank you for your continued support and prayers.
Your Sister in Christ,
For all who have contracted coronavirus,
    We pray for care and healing.
For those who are particularly vulnerable,
    We pray for safety and protection.
For all who experience fear or anxiety,
    We pray for peace of mind and spirit.
For affected families who are facing difficult decisions
between food on the table or public safety,
    We pray for policies that recognize their plight.
For those who do not have adequate health insurance,
    We pray that no family will face financial burdens alone.
For those who are afraid to access care due to immigration status,
    We pray for recognition of the God-given dignity of all.
For our brothers and sisters around the world,
   We pray for shared solidarity.
For public officials and decision makers,
    We pray for wisdom and guidance.
Father, during this time may your Church be a sign of hope,
comfort and love to all.
    Grant peace. Grant comfort. Grant healing.
    Be with us, Lord.

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