Deborah’s Desk – May 2020

May 15, 2020

My Sisters & Brothers in Christ, It has been nearly 8 weeks since our San Antonio Stay Home declaration went into effect. We have all been doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. Our headquarters staff continue to work from home and our store staff are on staggered shifts to fill phone and online orders.

ACTS Retreats across the world are either postponed or canceled. And like many non-profits, we have struggled financially during the pandemic.

Thanks be to God we received financial support from the CARES Act and we are blessed by your continued generosity! We are able to focus our work on offering remote training, creating guidance documents for team formation, and developing faith sharing sessions and podcasts to support your spiritual journey.

Light is emerging and the possibility for seeing each other face to face seems sooner rather than later. Which begs the question: what can we do to prepare for rescheduled retreats? Our Chapter Management & Education Team have compiled a set of suggestions for Team Formation along with frequently asked questions we have received about this topic. Please review them with your Core and Retreat Team and let us know if you have any questions.

ACTS Missions continues to recommend retreats from now until the end of June be canceled or rescheduled during this pandemic, however, that decision ultimately belongs to the Parish Pastor. Please consult with him as you make your plans.

Be on the lookout for several exciting opportunities for you to support the mission! Hints: It’s my birthday on Friday and we haven’t forgotten about Fiesta San Antonio. 🙂

Continuing to rely on our Master Physician, Jesus Christ,

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