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What We’re Looking For
In 2024, we are recruiting candidates to fill up to 9 positions on our Board.


  • You must be a practicing Catholic and affirm and submit to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
  • You must reside in a diocese in which ACTS Missions has at least one active parish ACTS Core.
  • You must have lived an ACTS Retreat, either as retreatant, a team member (unless excluded due to service on a Core Team), or experience with the retreat as Clergy or Religious within the previous five years prior to their election.
  • You can commit to attending monthly Board meetings in person or virtually, and all major fundraising events in your Chapter; when possible you would travel to San Antonio to attend the annual ACTS Missions Gala.
  • You are willing or have experience Fundraising, are willing to leverage your network of Brothers and Sisters in Christ to get them involved with ACTS Missions, and to serve on Committees to execute the work of the Board.

Please complete the Nomination form to be considered for a Board Member position. You will be contacted by the Executive Director or a Board Member from our Governance Committee when your submission is received.