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 PARISH CITY (Select Parish) Retreat Type Language Retreat Date PARISH
St. StephenWomen's SpanishSpanish8/22/2019St. Stephen
Our Lady of SorrowsMen'sEnglish8/22/2019Our Lady of Sorrows
St. Marys Catholic ChurchMen'sEnglish10/10/2019St. Marys Catholic Church
Immaculate ConceptionWomen'sEnglish10/10/2019Immaculate Conception
St Joseph RichardsonMen'sEnglish9/12/2019St Joseph Richardson
St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic ChurchWomen'sEnglish9/12/2019St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church
St DominicMen'sEnglish9/5/2019St Dominic
San Fernado CathedralMen's SpanishSpanish9/12/2019San Fernado Cathedral
San Fernando CathedralMen's SpanishSpanish9/12/2019San Fernando Cathedral
St. Benedict-Broken ArrowWomen'sEnglish10/3/2019St. Benedict-Broken Arrow
St. Benedict-Broken ArrowMen'sEnglish11/14/2019St. Benedict-Broken Arrow
St. Mary Magdalene- HumbleWomen's SpanishSpanish9/5/2019St. Mary Magdalene- Humble
Little Flower ParishMen'sEnglish10/24/2019Little Flower Parish
St. Philip the Apostle Catholic ChurchMen'sEnglish9/26/2019St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church
Prince of Peace and Immaculate Heart of MaryWomen'sEnglish10/17/2019Prince of Peace and Immaculate Heart of Mary
 PARISH CITY (Select Parish) Retreat Type Language Retreat Date PARISH