• The enthusiasm and joy in the lives of our parishioners who have made the retreat has in turn brought new life to our parish and to their families. One man commented to me recently, ‘ACTS saved my marriage’…

    ~ Parish Pastor
  • I had been on autopilot for most of my adult life when it came to my faith...After my retreat, I truly began living my faith. I was no longer empty inside but was filled with the peace and joy and love that I had been longing for spiritually.

    ~ ACTS brother
  • It has made a tremendous impact on my spiritual life and as a result will have an even greater impact in my family life in my interactions with my husband and my children.

    ~ ACTS sister
  • It has planted within me a desire to get the love of Christ out to others, especially those who are broken. This retreat has pointed out to me my true ‘worth’ in the eyes of God.

    ~ ACTS sister
  • This retreat is what my soul was longing for. I now feel connected with the Holy Spirit in all of my new sisters…

    ~ ACTS sister


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